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Be Yours this Valentine's Day

Be Yours this Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day around the corner, let's kick off the holiday with a few things to think about!

With most of the holiday season behind us, we’re all tentatively tiptoeing into 2022, avoiding the heaps and heaps of bad news being shouted at us from all corners of the map, but there’s still one day to look forward to: Valentine’s Day. A time to spend with your favorite person. Hearts and flowers and candy. Don’t you think that whole dinner and a movie cliché is all played out by now? Let’s shake things up because let’s face it, after basically gathering dust since 2020, I think we’re all due for a little spice if you catch my drift. So, buckle up, enjoy the ride, and let’s dig into some fun ways to celebrate the lovers’ holiday (even if you’re celebrating solo because honestly, self-love is the most important kind of love there is).


  • Teledildonics

The pandemic changed the whole world in a matter of months. Most of us spent a good chunk of time in isolation as officials tried to get a handle on the global situation. Covid hasn’t gone away but some of the changes it’s left us with are revolutionary. We zoom’d with friends, watched movies in our own living rooms but together with friends and family. We worked from home, taught ourselves new hobbies and got really good at baking weird versions of bread. But we also learned how to connect with our boyfriends, girlfriends, and life partners even when we couldn’t be together physically. Which is where the term “Teledildonics” comes in. Using the same kind of technology as your Bluetooth keyboard, the adult industry rose to the challenge and delivered on an already in-play concept, creating toys in all shapes and sizes that let us play long distance with one another. A good example is the Moxie by WeVibe. The panty vibe is small enough to fit in any piece of underwear and using the free app on your phone, your partner can easily control the vibe, turning errands into a thrilling game of “don’t orgasm in public” from their desk at the office (or literally any place with Bluetooth connectivity) with no one the wiser. And the best part? You can play with these toys face to face too! Remember that cliché dinner and a movie? Why not spice it up across that candlelit table or in that dark movie theatre? Don’t worry, there’s app-controlled toys for penis owners too!


  • Treat Yourself!

Want to know what’s more delicious than that half priced box of Valentine’s Day chocolate you scored? A toe-curling, earthshattering orgasm. Make a night of it, treat yourself to that movie or that dinner or better yet, a bath. Explore your own body, focusing only on how it feels, not an end goal. Use your fingers or (with a little foresight) a new toy or lubricant. What sensation have you been craving? Is it fullness? Toys like the FunFactory Tiger have deep, rumbly vibrations while being shaped and sized to please. Feel the ridges, the way the toy flexes with your movements. Feel the way your body hugs the velvety silicone and the way the vibrations heighten the sensation of blissful fullness. Or perhaps you’ve been longing for something closer to oral sex. Let the Womanizer Premium send you into orbit with its pulsations. An indirect clitoral stimulator, its pulses of air range from gentle and flirty, to intense and focused, mimicking the sensation of a lapping tongue and in most cases, bringing a deep penetrating sort of orgasm as it stimulates more of the clitoris’s nerve endings. Ease into the sensation or plunge right in, the choice is yours and it is decadent. Maybe you just want to add some extra zing to your finger/hand game. Have you ever tried a warming lubricant? Temperature play can be a good way to add some spice to your solo sessions. Ice cubes to tempt and tease yourself. Pinpoint your most sensitive areas, like nipples or the head of the penis. Warm things up with warm water or try a new lubricant like Sensuva’s Ultra-Stimulating ON Insane Personal Moisturizer. Not only does it warm, but it also creates an intense buzzing sensation, turning your fingers or your palm into a vibrator. Play with your favorite toy with complete peace of mind as this is a water-based lubricant. Let the heat of it wash over you and enhance your playtime. Be Yours.


  • Try something New

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time spent among the land of the sex toys, it’s that the sky truly is the limit. There is something out there for every body, you only need to be brave enough to find it. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a comfortable rut. Be adventurous and you might just surprise yourself with how open your horizons are. You know that thing you’ve always wanted to try but never got the motivation to go for it? Make this Valentine’s Day the day! Learn a new technique, grab that new erotica novel you’ve been eyeing and read it with your partner or maybe just settle in to focus on yourself.  Skip the played out rom-com stereo types of what your day should be and create something even more amazing for you and your partner or even just for yourself. Fall in love with the experience, share it with your special someone or give yourself an encore because damn, you are so good.


This Valentine’s Day, celebrate (because we absolutely have a ton to celebrate!) love.


Be Yours.


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