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General FAQs

What exactly is a sex toy anyway?

Not to worry. We love our sex toy virgins at Sensually Yours. A sex toy is simply an object or a device used to stimulate its user in order to achieve enhanced, sexual pleasure. Vibrators, dildos, masturbators and butt plugs are just several examples of sex toys we offer for purchase at Sensually Yours.

Which sex toy is right for me?

If you’re brand new to the sex toy game, then welcome! Our best advice to the newbies when finding the perfect sex toy for them is to simply ease your way into the scene. A cautious entry ensures your safety and comfortability as you explore the great unknown of vibes, cock rings, masturbators and more.

A great way to figure out what might turn you on the most is checking out customer reviews on our website. Perhaps consider a toy that will provide enjoyment for both you and your partner!

Always keep in mind, sex play shouldn’t be painful. If something is causing you discomfort or doesn’t quite feel right, then stop!

What materials should I be looking for in my sex toy?

Lucky for you, we pride ourselves on our top-notch sourcing of body-safe sex toys here at Sensually Yours, allowing your decision to be simply a matter of preference. We’ve already done the hard part of weeding out the subpar products, now all you have to do is choose if you prefer the velvety-feel of a silicone vibrator, a smooth and classic plastic dildo, or even a product designed specifically with real-feel material, like a fleshlight or a twerking butt

Though uncommon, it goes without saying to be mindful if you have any known allergies to the materials we offer.

Do you have discreet shipping?

Sensually Yours offers fast and discreet shipping on all online orders. None of your packages will arrive at your doorstep with any nod to the fact that Sensually Yours is an adult store. All online orders are processed in 1-2 business days and ship in 3-5 business days.

How do I contact you? 

Feel free to contact us here with any additional questions you might have. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you!



Shopping With Us FAQs 

What in the world is Sensually Yours? 

Sensually Yours is an online adult store that sells body-safe sex toys, enhancements, and novelties in a relaxed and safe environment. We pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date product selection, with a wide range of products from top manufacturers like Cal Exotic, Blush, We-Vibe and Womanizer. 

What do you mean by “body-safe” sex toys? 

There are some sex toys, in particular, those made from cheap materials like jelly, that isn’t safe to put in our bodies and could potentially be toxic. Some toys are also porous, which means they can’t be thoroughly cleaned and will harbor nasty bacteria. Body-safe sex toys mean that the materials are safe and that the toys can be thoroughly cleaned. 

I’m a first-timer when it comes to sex toys and I am SO CONFUSED. Where do I begin? 

Lucky for you, we love talking sex toys, and we are here to help! You can contact us at 808-599-1655, from 10 am to 11 pm (Hawaii Standard Time), seven days a week. You can also shoot us an email at [email protected]. Do you need answers now? Then chat with us on Facebook Messenger

I have to know:  do you have a store? 

Yes, we do! We’re located at:

1130 N. Nimitz Hwy.

Suite A112

Honolulu, HI 96817


Order FAQs 

Can I shop here if I’m under 18? 

Nope, sorry. To shop or place an order at Sensually Yours, you have to be 18 or older. 

What payment methods do you accept? 

Pick a card, any card! We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. You can also pay with your PayPal account.

Do you accept virtual single-use credit cards?

We use authorize.net as our payment gateway. So yes, any virtual-use single credit cards that work through Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express will work here. 

Is it safe to use my card on your site? 

Absolutely! We have a SSL Secured Site. The transaction takes place on the authorize.net server, which is secure.

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?

The charge will appear as “Sensually Yours - N Nimitz - EComm”. 

Do you collect sales tax? 

We collect GE tax in Hawaii at the rate of 4.5%.


Shipping FAQs 

Do you offer free shipping? 

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $39. 

I don’t want everyone to know I’m getting a sex toy (and I have nosy roommates). Is your shipping discreet? 

We definitely understand you might not want to shout to the world you’re getting a dildo or vibrator. That’s why when we ship, there is no logo or branding anywhere on the package, and nothing to indicate you are getting something from an adult store. The shipping label only lists “SY Hawaii”.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes or to APO, FPO or DPO addresses? 

The short answer? Yes, we do. If you want to order using an APO, FPO or DPO address you’ll need to put that address in either the payment screen on authorize.net/ PayPal or put it in the notes. Our site doesn’t currently let you put the APO, FPO or DPO as the State.

Do you offer international shipping? 

It’s a bummer, but we don’t offer international shipping at this time. 

I want my stuff now. How fast is your shipping, and how can I track my order? 

Your order, once placed, gets processed in 1-2 business days. Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive a Shipment Confirmation email with your tracking number/s. Your tracking number/s will be active in 24 hours. We make every effort to get your order out as quickly as possible.


Returns & Exchanges FAQs 

Can I modify or cancel my order?  

You can modify or cancel your order in your customer account or you can email us at [email protected]. If your order hasn’t shipped yet, we will refund you the difference on your card or do a complete refund. If your order has shipped already, you will need to refuse the shipment when it arrives if you wish to cancel it. Once you have received the order we will do an exchange as listed below.

I have buyer’s remorse/this product isn’t what I expected. Can I return my product for a refund? 

We accept products for exchange only. All returns must be postmarked within 14 days of the purchase date. 

We can’t exchange:

We can exchange some items, with exceptions:

For more information, view Sensually Yours’ full Return Policy

Note: All sales are final. We don’t accept returns because it would be kind of, you know, nasty to resell a toy that has already been used. 

Uh oh.  My product doesn’t work. Can I exchange it? 

We don’t want you to be stuck with something that doesn’t work! That’s no fun for anyone. Here is our exchange policy:

Sensually Yours will exchange your product. Return it and make sure it’s postmarked within 14 days of the purchase date. If your product doesn’t work, we will replace it. But, if you broke it, sorry. We don’t replace products that you broke yourself. Make sure that in those instances, you register your product with the manufacturer (as most of our products have a manufacturer’s warranty). 

Please contact us at 808-599-1655 to arrange for an exchange. 


Sex Toy General FAQs

Are your sex toys just for some? 

No way! Sensually Yours sells sex toys for all. 

How do I know the right sex toy for me? 

Well, it depends on what you like, and what you’re looking for! That’s the long and the short of it. 

Why does my sex toy have a weird odor? 

It depends on the material. If your sex toy has a funky odor, it’s probably made out of TPR (thermo-plastic rubber), a kind of material that secretes chemicals. Some are scented to make them smell more pleasant. Be sure to clean your toy properly with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and air dry your toy before putting it away. There are also antibacterial toy bags available for storage. Make sure, however, that all moisture is removed before you store your toy.  For materials that retain moisture like TPR/ TPE, you can use renew powder. (add link)

Over time, the toy will degrade, at which point it will need to be replaced. Medical grade silicone will last much longer and is less porous. But it should also be cleaned with a toy cleaner to avoid any bacteria build up.

Last thing:  make sure that when you store your TPR items, that you don’t store them in a warm place (they’ll melt) or that you don’t keep them with other items in a drawer/box (the colors will bleed and the items will stick together). 

How do I know if my toy is safe to use in the bath, tub or shower? 

Check if it’s waterproof or water-resistant. If so, it’s safe to use in the bath, tub or shower. If it’s not, then keep it out of those places. 

How do I clean my sex toy? 

Clean your toy before you decide to take it for a ride and after any fun pleasure-filled times. Use soap and warm water to thoroughly clean the toy, and dry with a towel. If your toy is silicone or is fully surrounded by silicone, you can boil it in hot water. If you are using soap, be sure it’s antibacterial and mild. We also offer toy cleaners!

My sex toy is not working (or I lost a part to it). 

Contact us at 808-599-1655, 10 am to 11 pm (Hawaii Standard Time), seven days a week. You can also shoot us an email at [email protected].


Vibrator FAQs 

We offer Kirkland batteries in store, which we recommend, as they last for a long time. But we do not ship batteries. Generally, any battery will work. 

When it comes to vibes, a lot of them have an internal motor used to generate movement, and this movement causes vibration. When a vibe is touched to a sensitive spot, it can create pleasurable sensations that lead to an orgasm. 

Just like there’s different types of people, there are different types of vibes, and not all of them are going to feel the same! Take a look at what we got, and if you’re lost, we’re here to help!  

Some vibrators are very high speed and buzzy. Others have a deeper rumbly vibration. The buzzy ones tend to give more of a surface stimulation. And, the deeper rumbly vibration will reach deeper into your body. 


Dildo and Strap On FAQs  

Some vibrators are more suited to external stimulation and others are designed or internal stimulation. Then there are those that do both at the same time. And, there are triple stimulators that do internal in both ends plus external (Oh my!). 

There’s a lot to think about. You have to think about the size, first and foremost. Too big? 

It might hurt. Too small? It might not hit the spot. Also, you have to think about the 

shape. Curved dildos are the best for G-spot or prostate playing, while something that’s 

rough may not be the best for anal play.  

We have dildos made out of silicone, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), PVC, and ABS.  

Make sure it has a suction cup to attach to the shower wall.  

A strap on is a sex toy with two pieces: a dildo, and a harness (attaches to the hips of 

whoever is wearing it). Strap ons are used for penetrative vaginal or anal sex. When it 

comes to finding the right one, focus on finding something you feel good in!


Smart Sex Toy FAQs  

A smart sex toy incorporates tech into its design. It can be anything from hands-free to 

being able to control the toy...and your partner’s pleasure.  

Indeed we do! We have things like vibrating panties, remote control vibrating panties

hands-free electronic dildos, wearable discreet remote control vibrators and a lot more! If 

you don’t see something you want, and you want it, get in touch! 


Media FAQs  

Well yeah. You could. But downloading something from the internet runs the risk of also 

downloading a computer virus along with it. Those aren’t fun. Also, you never know 

when your browser history might be a problem. 

We offer erotic DVDs, as well as erotic books. In addition, we also carry books that have 

to do with sexy activities and sex education.  

That’s like asking what kind of sex position you like. Everyone’s different. Try a video, try 

a book, try them both! 


Masturbator FAQs 

Your hand is all well and good, but a masturbator is even better. How come? Well, 

using one helps you avoid the dreaded “death grip.” It also offers amazing suction, reduces friction, feels more like the real thing, and best of all? You can warm them up. Mmm.   

We have strokers, fleshlights, and clit masturbators. We also have penis pumps 

They can be a little intimidating at first, but pumps are an enhancement tool that have 

been around for a while! A penis pump is a device originally developed to help treat 

male erectile dysfunction, or ED. Penis pumps generate suction via a hand pump to help 

create and maintain erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. 

These days, there are a lot of options designed to do a lot of different things, like 

increase girth and length! For instance, you can check out the Bathmate Hydromax

which uses water instead of air!) If you have questions about which pump is right for you, 

give us a call or shoot us an email! We’re happy to help. 

A stroker is a type of masturbator that has texture on the inside, which makes it feel oh-so-good when you use it. They can be simple enough to get the job done, like our Pipedream Extreme, or realistic, like the Fleshlight Go Surge. Whatever your pleasure, we have a stroker that will make you feel good!  

If your stroker has a sleeve, like the Fleshlight, you want to remove the sleeve and rinse it out. If it doesn’t have a sleeve just rinse it. Some strokers are reversible, so you can turn it inside out and rinse it off. Then like all other sex toys, you want to cover it in your favorite toy cleaner following the manufacturers instructions. Rinse it off again and air dry it. If your stroker is made out of TPR/ TPE you want to coat it in renew powder after it’s dry. Many of the strokers, especially Fleshlight are very tacky if you don’t use renew powder. All of the Fleshlights are powdered when they leave the factory. So, if you want that same feeling, you’ll want to renew it regularly. 


Lube FAQs 

Lube is a key part of sex, and for a whole lot of sexy fun times, the right lube helps you enjoy sex and helps make sex safe! As to what kind to use? There’s water-based, silicone-based, hybrid and natural lubes. Each has its pros and cons. 

Lube makes sex feel slicker, wetter and more enjoyable (at least, that’s what we think!). 

All lube enhances sex. That is a given. When it comes to the different types of lube, it all comes down to ingredients. Water-based lube has water as the main ingredient, silicone-based lube’s main ingredient is silicone, and hybrid-based is a mixture of the two (water and silicone).  

Save the olive oil for cooking. Oils used for cooking can break down the latex in condoms and can increase your risk of catching something nasty.  

It’s lube. Just, you know, flavored. :) 

How much did you drink?  Water-based lube is certainly safe. A small amount of silicone lube is safe to ingest unless you’re allergic to the ingredients. If you are applying some to a toy or your partner it’s safe to put in your mouth. Just don’t guzzle it by the gallon. And if you have any kind of reaction or discomfort, you should consult a medical professional.


Fetish, BDSM, & Kink Toy FAQs 

If you’re curious about these kinds of sex toys, it is more than just restraints and gags. Fetish is for subs and doms. It’s also bondage, rope, fetish wear, collars, leashes, blindfolds, and items for sexy sensation play.  

A fetish is something you need to have in order to get aroused. BDSM and kink involve things that can be fetishes. But some people have a fetish that they can’t get off without. It has more to do with the psychology of the act.

BDSM stands for bondage, domination and sado-masochism. It’s all about power. Some people are dominant and some people are submissive. There are varying degrees of power and they can be strictly in the bedroom or also in day to day life. Just because you are a submissive doesn’t mean you don’t have any power. It’s all about being willing to submit. Some submissives have all of the power ;). 

Sometimes that power relationship can involve pain. There are people that enjoy inflicting pain and people that enjoy pain. Sometimes it’s about a contrast of pleasure and pain. For example, some people use a combination of feathers and Wartenberg wheels which can be painful (but if used in the right way can be very gentle). 

A lot of people that enjoy this type of play have a high threshold for pain or sensation in general. There’s so much more to say, but that’s the basics. 

We’ve got you! Contact us and we can walk you through it. 

Cock Ring FAQs

Cock rings are worn around the base of the penis and make an erection bigger, harder, and long-lasting. They can be metal, or they can have vibrators. Some even have dildo attachments!  

Don’t be scared! Cock rings are safe, even though they tend to get a bad rap.  

Have an open and honest discussion with your partner and talk with them about why you think it’d be great to try a cock ring during sex. If they’re into it, awesome. If not, don’t force it! Also, if you are using a cock ring for the first time, try a silicone cock ring (it’s stretchy and you can adjust it easily).  

The general recommendation is to wear a cock ring for no longer than 30 minutes. And of course, don’t wear it if it hurts! If it hurts, take it off immediately.  

Yes! Wearing a condom won’t make a cock ring less effective. You can wear them both. 

Butt Stuff FAQs 

If it’s an anal toy, then yes. You can put it in your butt. If it’s anything else, you might want to reconsider putting it in your butt. Be sure it has a base that will prevent it from getting sucked in. Anything can go in your butt if you’re brave enough (we’re kidding. Obviously. ;) ) 

We have prostate devices, anal beads, and butt plugs. All of which you can put in your butt.  

If you want our recommendations for stuff for tushy play, get in touch! 


Sexual Enhancement FAQs 

When it comes to sexual enhancements, we feel there’s no shame in getting a leg up (so to speak). That’s why we have oral enhancements, pheromones, cleaners, pillsstimulants, orgasm delay products and vaginal tightening products 

Some of our sexual enhancement products are only available for purchase in-store.

Contact us if you have any questions. 


Clothing FAQs  

We offer underwear, sexy lingerie and sexy costumes for Halloween (which we have in 

stock in September and October).  

Yes! We carry roleplay items throughout the year for any sexy bedroom roleplay that you

have in mind. If you want a specific item, contact us and we can order it for you! 


Novelties FAQs 

If you’re planning any kind of bachelor/bachelorette party, we have naughty novelties like balloons, decorations, games and gag gifts. We also have things like pasta, sweets and edible clothing


Sexual Health FAQs 

We over kegel exercisers, condoms, dental dams, dilators, eggs and menstrual cups. 

The short answer: because. The long answer: sexual health is important because you are able to take control of your health and well-being surrounding your intimate and sexual relationships. This comes with education, communication and sexual safety. 


Penis Extensions & Sleeves FAQs 

Penis extensions and sleeves lengthen, thicken, and even add texture to your penis. They can also enhance an erection without the use of pills.  

Think of it like you’re putting on a sock. Except it is more of a snug (yet comfy) fit.  

Penis sleeves and extenders, when used in the bedroom, will help you last longer during 

sex, adds inches and length, and will make your partner orgasm again and again. 


Massage FAQs 

We have a variety of massage kits, candles and massage oils. 

Massages can be a kind of foreplay, and they can be used to get in the mood. Turn the

lights down low, light some candles, break out the massage oils and go to town! 


Sex Doll FAQs  

Depending on the type of material, you can expect your sex doll to last you for years.  

It depends. Inflatable dolls tend to be the best for those on a tight budget, while realistic

dolls are the best for those who want a realistic experience. Whatever your pleasure, we have the dolls that are right for you!  

Clean your sex doll about every 2 weeks with antibacterial soap, water, a soft cloth and a 

light sponge. You can either clean your doll in the shower/tub, or wet the cloth and clean 

her that way. Pat her dry, and sprinkle the doll lightly with talcum powder. 

If you plan on using your sex doll a lot, you can leave it laying out on your bed. Wherever 

you choose to store your doll, make sure it’s laying flat on its back, as any other position 

can cause your doll to get wrinkles or creases. 


Bath & Body FAQs 

We offer shaving products, body bleaching products, and various fresh body products.