Now I'm Hiding So Hard Like A G Spot

Posted by Administrator on 6/28/2012 to Toy Testimonials
Good news, ladies! The robust enigma that is the vaginal female orgasm might have finally been solved!  A St. Petersburg doctor believes he  is one step closer to demystifying the innermost secrets of female pleasure with his discovery of the much speculated over, always illusive, miraculous, mystical G-spot! The surgeon and retired professor of gynecology has found what he professes to be the first physical evidence of the much sought after, much speculated about, magical little love spot and expressed his immense, “excitement of being the first human being to see and touch this structure.” Turns out, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski found a “ropy-bluish structure" in the cervical anatomy a singular dead eighty-something Polish woman!  Yay. Mystery solved.

Breaking Up- Take Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Posted by Chelsea Lockridge on 6/6/2012 to Silly
Winning the breakup. This form of post-relationship coping was new to me. I typically lock myself in a dark room with a bottle of vodka and play Boys II Men’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” on repeat. Apparently, this pathetic display means that I have lost every break up I’ve ever had. Interesting. I tagged along that evening, eager to learn all I could about post-breakup warfare. Vietnam was less messy.

Sexcess: Shocking and Expensive (And Shockingly Expensive) Sex Toys

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...when you have the money, there is no limit to the ridiculously unnecessary things you can blow it on. Sex toys are no exception. Here are just a few of the shockingly expensive gadgets that the 1% can obtain to spice up their sex lives.

Grandma, That Isn't a Flashlight

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The genius, or in my case, horrible flaw of the fleshlight’s aesthetic s is that, when the lid is on, it looks just like a large flashlight. 

Strap On: There's Always Gonna be Another Mountain

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As a rock climbing enthusiast, I know a good harness when I see one and the  Spare Parts Joque Harness is top of the line.  It�s non-slip, it moves with your body, all of the interchangeable pieces lock in tightly, it�s fully adjustable, and the buckles hold tight but are easy to release.  It�s also comfortable and completely durable .  If Spare Parts made rock climbing harnesses, I would buy from them.

Flavored Lube: This Sticky Sweet Mess We're In

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I’m not one of those girls who won’t give head or thinks it’s disgusting or anything like that, but then again I have never been one to particularly enjoy the experience either. It doesn’t have anything to do with a sensitive gag reflex or even a mental blockage about what I’m putting where and where it’s already been. I’m cool with all that. Really. Mostly, it’s a taste thing.

Just Shoe Me

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Sensually Yours has a huge selection of fun, fashionable, and even outrageous footwear for every occasion… except maybe church.

Coochy Shave Cream; Because No One Wants to See Chewbacca in a Bikini.

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I really cannot push this product enough.  Living in a place where unsightly body hair should be classified as a public nuisance, Coochy cream has become a real life, or at least social life, saver.

Hot Mess Fail

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We’re all adults here (if you’re not you really have absolutely no business reading this blog so log off and do your homework before I call your mother), and as adults, it’s safe to assume that we’ve all had a few shameful hook ups.  It’s also not very far fetched to assume that one or more of these regrettable encounters was  encouraged by, if not the complete and total fault of, that bitch alcohol.

Fing-Oh No Oh OH OHH!

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The finger vibes are great.  They’re meant for external, clitoral stimulation and slip right onto your finger making them really easy to use and manipulate to justthe right place.  It’s also a really easy toy to manage.  It’s small, powerful, and waterproof.  It also comes with batteries and has an easy one touch on/off button.  It’s fairly self explanatory and relatively difficult to misuse. At least one would think.

Crotchless in Hawaii: Crotchless Panties are Heating Up the Islands!

Posted by Chelsea Lockridge on 3/3/2012 to Silly
Crotchless panties are hot as hell.  They make the perfect sexy surprise for any lover.  On the surface, crotchless panties offer tantalizingly easy access, but, more than that, they’re pretty and aesthetically pleasing.  I like to think of them as jewelry… for your
labia…that will turn a guy on like no pair of earrings ever has. 

My We Vibe 3 Owes Me a New Window

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we vibe 3

For something so compact and cute it packs one hell of a punch. There are six different vibration settings and it has two motors in it. It vibrates like the stands at a NASCAR race, but amazingly it’s almost completely silent. The We Vibe 3 also has a wireless charger so I never have to take the batteries out of the TV remote to power this sex toy…not that I’ve ever done that.