Sexual Liberation

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Liberator knows that love artists from the beginning of time have used props to enhance the lovemaking experience.

"Meet Your New Best Friend"

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Sometimes it’s not about the toy or the partner. The toy can be great or even perfect. The sex can be amazing. “Something is missing though…” you think to yourself. What could it be? You reach into your drawer to pull out the lube you purchased with your glorious vibrator. Does it do the trick? Sure. But just like with anything, you need quality to enjoy the full experience! I mean, would you go to a restaurant order something when the server asks what you want on the side you reply, “I want the cheapest side dish, I don’t care what it is.” No! You wouldn’t! So why would we do that with lubricant? It’s because we don’t understand the importance!

"Hot Item" The Cal Exotic Butterfly Kiss

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It is clear why the Butterfly Kiss is Cal Exotics' top selling sex toy.  The manufacturer calls it "the ultimate in feminine arousal".  Not only is it a delicately shaped g-spot simulator, but its fluttering wings are designed to tease and tantalize clitorally for a nearly overwhelming double dose of pleasure.

Trending BIG time! Ben Wa Balls

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lelo, luna, beads, honolulu, hawaii, ben, wa, balls Lelo Luna Beads Intended to arouse a subtle stimulation, Ben Wa Balls are a multipurpose necessity.  These, as well as their other incarnations: Burmese Balls, Benoit Balls,  Orgasm Balls and Geisha balls, can be used to stimulate inside the vagina or as an exercise tool to strengthen pelvic muscles.  By aiding in Kegel exercises as vaginal weights, known as "The Deer Exercise" in Taoist practices, they aid in urinary health and vaginal elasticity (Wikipedia).

Family Jewels - Naked Luxury

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Vagazzling has brought down-there beautification to a new level of glam. It's definitely going mainstream if America's Sweetheart, Jennifer Love Hewitt is doing it!

50 Shades of Wow

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“..Firstly – I don’t make love. I fuck...hard. Secondly – there’s a lot more paperwork to do and thirdly – you don’t yet know what you’re in for. You could still run for the hills. Come, I want to show you my playroom.”

Love <3 Fest 2012

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Get ready for LOVEFEST♥ Come in to Sensually Yours for a 20% discount for all of your raving necessities!

Now I'm Hiding So Hard Like A G Spot

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Good news, ladies! The robust enigma that is the vaginal female orgasm might have finally been solved!  A St. Petersburg doctor believes he  is one step closer to demystifying the innermost secrets of female pleasure with his discovery of the much speculated over, always illusive, miraculous, mystical G-spot! The surgeon and retired professor of gynecology has found what he professes to be the first physical evidence of the much sought after, much speculated about, magical little love spot and expressed his immense, “excitement of being the first human being to see and touch this structure.” Turns out, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski found a “ropy-bluish structure" in the cervical anatomy a singular dead eighty-something Polish woman!  Yay. Mystery solved.

Breaking Up- Take Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Posted by Chelsea Lockridge on 6/6/2012 to Silly
Winning the breakup. This form of post-relationship coping was new to me. I typically lock myself in a dark room with a bottle of vodka and play Boys II Men’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” on repeat. Apparently, this pathetic display means that I have lost every break up I’ve ever had. Interesting. I tagged along that evening, eager to learn all I could about post-breakup warfare. Vietnam was less messy.

Sexcess: Shocking and Expensive (And Shockingly Expensive) Sex Toys

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...when you have the money, there is no limit to the ridiculously unnecessary things you can blow it on. Sex toys are no exception. Here are just a few of the shockingly expensive gadgets that the 1% can obtain to spice up their sex lives.

Sexual Liberation

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A friend of mine writes for Cosmo and she’s constantly getting sent crazy new sex toys to try out in hopes that she’ll give them a fabulous review in the magazine.  She passed on the Liberator wedge and ramp to me saying that it would, “totally transform your stoic, rigid sex life.” 

The New Jopen Intensity- Not for Lab Rats

Posted by Chelsea Lockridge on 3/3/2012 to Toy Testimonials
If you know yourself to be the type of person who would likely starve to death when presented with the option of an orgasm or the necessary sustenance to survive, this new product could very easily ruin your life.