Now I'm Hiding So Hard Like A G Spot

Posted by Administrator on 6/28/2012 to Toy Testimonials
Good news, ladies! The robust enigma that is the vaginal female orgasm might have finally been solved!  A St. Petersburg doctor believes he  is one step closer to demystifying the innermost secrets of female pleasure with his discovery of the much speculated over, always illusive, miraculous, mystical G-spot! The surgeon and retired professor of gynecology has found what he professes to be the first physical evidence of the much sought after, much speculated about, magical little love spot and expressed his immense, “excitement of being the first human being to see and touch this structure.” Turns out, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski found a “ropy-bluish structure" in the cervical anatomy a singular dead eighty-something Polish woman!  Yay. Mystery solved. Ok, so maybe finding some ropy blue goo in one woman 30 years past menopause is not exactly the revolutionary medical miracle we were hoping for. However, there is no denying that there is something to this whole g-spot debate. We’ve all felt it (some of us have been more fortunate than others in the frequency of this occurrence). Suddenly some spot gets hit and WHAM.  So while it’s unlikely that what we’re hitting on is 83-year old blue Polish rope, we are hitting at something. As with any illusive enigma, the best way to solve it is through meticulous scientific experimentation with a firm hypothesis and the right tools.  So here, I am hypothesizing that there is something in the vagina that wants to be touched! We just have to figure out the right way to touch it. Here are the best toys on the market to help you in your endeavors.      Vanity VR9 by Jopen Yes, this toy does slightly resemble Dino from the Flintstone’s, but its long, curved neck with dual vibrating motors in both a smaller, more precision designed head, and larger, flatter head for more expansive areas of stimulation is designed specifically for mobility, control, and exploration.  With its long reach, easy grip, and multiple (and some QUITE intense) vibration settings this dinosaur shaped toy might be just the thing you need to solve the prehistoric g-spot debate. Mona by Lelo Let Mona live up to her name and elicit you’re moans of satisfied relief! This ergonomic piece from Lelo is specifically designed for g-spot hunting with a bulbous, flattened, curved head meant to explore every inch of your inner walls. With its 6 different modes of vibration and pulsation once you do hit your sweet spot you’re sure to be able to find just the right mode to send you over the edge every time. Midnight Twist by Trojan Beware of Greeks baring gifts…unless one wants to give you the Midnight Twist from Trojan. This fabulous g-spot seeker is not only hung like a Trojan horse but it’s also equipped with four 360 degree rotating, twistable tip positions to help you explore every nook and cranny of your love shack. Its 5 speeds, 3 pulsation patterns, and 4 adjustable positions uncover dozens of potential paths to your pleasure zone. Cyclone by Couture Collection Brave a raging storm of orgasmic bliss with the Cyclone from the Couture Collection.  This powerful, silicone vibe’s surface ripples like a churning sea and its curved, pointed nose will act as your navigation beacon to the g spot. It’s soft and pliable so the material will move with you in your voyage of discovery, and its 7 functions of vibrations, pulsation, and escalation will propel you right into the eye of the storm! Despite Dr. Adam Ostrzenski recent scientific breakthrough, not everyone is going to be so lucky to have held the power of the g spot in their hands.  The search for this erroneous erogenous area can be quite frustrating for some, but don’t give up! Just because the g spot is still alluding you doesn’t mean you can’t have a hell of a lot of fun looking for it.

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